The Journey of Pearl Group

Journey from a grain of sand to a pearl

Experience is a critical element behind our success. The leadership team at Pearl Group comprises extremely experienced professionals that provide strategic directions and a Management team focused on delivering results.

Picture of Vijay Jain
Founder & Director of Pearl Group

Vijay Jain

B.E (Civil), IIA (Architecture), ICI, IAEM
The life of Vijay Jain has been a remarkable journey from being a Government employee to a consultant to become an ace entrepreneur. His success symbolizes excellence, honesty, and hard work. He is a perfect combination of scholastic and entrepreneurial skills. His risk-taking capabilities and love for challenges made him a pioneer for developing high-quality multilevel apartments in Rajasthan. His untiring efforts paved the ways for new innovative developments in the real estate private sector in Rajasthan including the first township – PEARL REGALIA He created the PEARL Brand, which is one of the most sought after real estate names in the pink city. His vast knowledge and experience is an endless source of guidance and encouragement for the organization that has not only won accolades and prestigious awards but also customer loyalty and goodwill.

The Success Journey of Mr. Vijay Jain

Mr. Vijay Jain started as a Civil Engineer in the Government sector in the year 1989- to 1990 before becoming an Architectural  Consultant. He remained as an architectural consultant during 1990-97 and successfully completed 350  projects, consisting of turnkey projects, residential projects, commercial projects, and institutional projects.

In 1997, his entrepreneurial skills motivated him to become a promoter and a developer of real estate projects. Together with his team, he created the finest and enduring landmarks under the brand name PEARL, a trusted icon in Rajasthan.

In the year 2001, Mr. Vijay Jain was appointed as a member of the Government of Rajasthan’s delegation to East Asia. He traveled to Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, along with Minister and Principal Secretary of UDH (Urban Development and Housing Department), in a visit organized by IHS (Indian Health Service)– Netherlands and HUDCO (The Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited ).

Apart from running his own venture, he has been active in several associations and continuously helping the real estate developers fraternity to grow. He has been an active member of the Rajasthan Builders and Promoters Association and been its Joint Secretary from 2001 to 2004 and the Vice Chairman of the Indian Institute of Architects(Rajasthan) from 2006 to 2008. He is also a life member of several esteemed organizations, professional institutions and trade associations. Being an active member of the Indo French Association of India, he traveled to different countries like France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and more, and these visits gave him much needed exposure to development and innovation in

architecture and real estate projects. This international exposure helped in the growth of PEARL Group.

Picture of Dr. T.C. Jain
The Source of Inspiration and true Mentor

Dr. T.C. Jain

M.S.C., Ph.D. Professor- Zoology Hindu College, Moradabad
The noted academician Dr. T.C. Jain has been that leader with his expertise, values, and principles that stood as strong pillars of the organization. He is a humble and dedicated human being with enthusiasm to act as a social catalyst. His Midas touch has been a great source of strength to the family, friends, and society. His aura, simplicity, and honesty have been guiding values for the organization. The Pearl Group always looks up to him as a source of constant encouragement and inspiration.

Picture of Dr. Raj Kumar Jain
Director of Pearl Group

Dr. Raj Kumar Jain

MSc (Chemistry), Ph.D., MBA
Dr. Raj Kumar Jain joined Pearl Group in the year 2002. He is both a profound academician and an entrepreneur. In 2002 he realized the strength in his brother’s venture and decided to take PEARL GROUP to a new level to add value for stakeholders. Since then there has been no looking back for this duo.