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Eligibility Criteria for Home Purchase Loan

An individual who want to apply for home purchase loan must fulfill the below eligibility conditions:


Particulars Salaried Individuals Self-employed Individuals
Age 18-65 years 18-65 years
Employment Min 2 years of experience Min 5 years of experience
Credit Score 750 or above 750 or above


Please note: The above-mentioned criteria varies from lender to lender.

Some common documents required for Home Purchase Loan

  • In case of salaried, Form 16
  • Income Proof :In case of salaried, 3 months pay Slip
    • In case of Self-employed, ITR Banks
    • 6 months Bank Statement
  • Passport size photographs
  • Age Proof (Birth certificate, Class 10 marksheet, etc.)
  • Address Proof (Copy of passport, Voter ID, Utility bills, etc.)
  • Income Proof (Salary slips and ITR details)
  • Identification Proof (PAN card, Passport, Voter ID, etc.)
  • Existing Loan Documents (if any)

Documents of Property to be Purchased

Which Bank is best to avail Home Loan?

Current Home Loan Interest Rates


Home Loan Providers Interest Rates Processing Fees (Exclusive of GST)
Axis Bank 7.75% onwards

(Linked to RLLR)

Up to 1% of the loan amount (Min. Rs. 10,000)
Bank Of Baroda 6.85% onwards

(Linked to RLLR)

Up to Rs. 50 lakh: 0.50% of loan amount (Min. Rs. 8,500 & Max. Rs.15,000)

Above Rs. 50 lakh: 0.25% of loan amount (Min. Rs. 8,500 & Max. Rs. 25,000)

Bank Of India 8.10% onwards

(Linked to BFL FRR)

For salaried individuals: Up to 0.80%

For self-employed individuals: Up to 1.20%

Canara Bank 7.30% onwards

(Linked to RLLR)

0.5% (Min. Rs. 1,500; Max. Rs. 10,000)
Central Bank of India 6.85% onwards

(Linked to RLLR)

0.50 – 1% of loan amount
DHFL 9.50% onwards

(Linked to RPLR)

Salaried/Self Employed Professional – Rs. 2,500 – Rs. 20,000

Self Employed Non Professional – Net PAT: 0.5%, Others: 1.5%

Federal Bank 8.35% onwards

(Linked to RLLR)

0.50% of loan amount (Min. Rs. 3,000; Max. Rs. 7,500)
HDFC Bank 7.35% onwards

(Linked to RPLR)

Up to 0.5% of loan amount or Rs. 3,000, whichever is higher
ICICI Bank 7.70% onwards

(Linked to RLLR)

1.00% – 2.00% of loan amount or Rs. 1,500 (Rs. 2,000 for Mumbai, Delhi & Bangalore), whichever is higher
IDBI Bank 7.80% onwards

(Linked to RLLR)

Rs. 2,500 – Rs. 5,000
IIFL 8.70% onwards

(Linked to PLR)

Up to 1.75% of loan amount
Indiabulls Housing Finance 8.99% onwards Up to 2% of loan amount
Indian Overseas Bank 7.45% onwards

(Linked to RLLR)

Up to 1.20% of the loan amount
Kotak Mahindra Bank 7.40% onwards

(Linked to MCLR)

Up to 2% of loan amount
LIC Housing Finance 7.40% onwards

(Linked to PLR)

As applicable
State Bank of India 7.35% onwards

(Linked to RLLR)


0.35% – 0.50% of loan amount (Min. Rs. 2,000;  Max. Rs. 10,000)
Tata Capital 9.25% onwards

(Linked to RPLR)

0.5% of the loan amount
Standard Chartered Bank 9.11% onwards Up to 1% of loan amount
YES Bank 9.85% onwards

(Linked to 6-month CD Rate)

2% of loan amount or Rs. 10,000, whichever is higher


Please note:

The home loan interest rate given in the above table is subject to change anytime without prior notice. Updated on 2 June 2020.

Abbreviations used:

EBLR: External Benchmark Lending Rate; MCLR: Marginal Cost of funds based Lending Rate; RLLR: Repo Linked Lending Rate; TBLR: Treasury Bill Benchmark Linked Lending Rate; RPLR: Retail Prime Lending Rate; BFLFRR: Bajaj Finance Limited Floating Reference Rate; PLR: Prime Lending Rate; CD: Certificate of Deposit

What are the different factors affecting home loan interest rate?

  • Credit Score: Higher credit score attracts a lower rate of interest on home loan and vice versa.
  • Loan Amount: The loan amount you want to borrow determines the rate at which you can obtain a housing loan.
  • Employment Type: : Because of the income stability, salaried employees have the probability to get a lower rate of interest as compared to self-employed as their income is dependent on fluctuating market conditions and several other external factors
  • Applicant’s Gender: Many banks and financial institutions offer fixed concessions on home loan interest rate for women borrowers.
  • External Benchmark Rate:From October 2019, as per RBI’s notification, interest rate of housing loans are linked to external benchmark rate which will affect the home loan interest rates of all Banks in India.
  • Interest Rate Type: The rate of interest depends on the type of interest rate you chose for your home loan to repay to your lender. There are two types of home loan rate of interest:
    • Fixed Interest Rate: EMIs remain same for the entire loan period
    • Floating Interest Rate: They have base rate plus floating element thereof. Generally floating rate home loans are cheaper than fixed interest rate.

Tips to get home loan at lowest Interest Rate:

  • Keep your Credit Score close to 900.

How to calculate Credit Score?

Errors in your credit report could result in loan rejections or can interrupt the loan approval process. So, it’s wise to check your credit score before applying for a loan. You can get your CIBIL credit report online by paying a fee of Rs. 500. Visit the below site to get your credit score:


  • Apply for home loan jointly and make the female partner as primary applicant as most of the banks provide interest concessions to women, Also applying jointly increases your home loan eligibility and you can avail home loan tax benefits.
  • Increase your home down payment.