Buying a home is a strenuous procedure in which you contribute a major portion of your lifelong savings. We understand that purchasing a house is not a casual transaction: it’s an extraordinary affair.  We, at Pearl Group, analyze your needs first and then recommend a property. We don’t just sell the property but we help you in fulfilling your dream.

While there are numerous reasons for our success, they all revolve around a few key factors that are as follows

Committed to perfection

Our commitment is an act, not just a word

With over 20 years of experience in building architectural marvels, Pearl Group has significantly transformed the skyline of Rajasthan. Our aim to contribute towards the development of Rajasthan by providing quality construction matching international standards has always propelled us to meet excellence.


We are committed to building living spaces worthy of you.

Since we stepped in the real estate industry, our objective has been to build new homes with the best construction quality in the next locations where people would want to buy, live and invest, at highly competitive prices. We select Jaipur’s best locations for new developments and construct apartments with basic and modern amenities, penthouses, and villas that are best to live a healthy lifestyle and an outstanding property investment too.

Customer-centric Approach

For us, customer service is not just a department, it’s everyone’s job.

All endeavors at “Pearl Group” revolve around just one entity that is customer and their needs, demands and ideas drive the group and they continue to remain at the centre of our universe. We trust in retaining long term relationships with our customers. We love to serve our customers whenever they need assistance, even after handing over the possessions of our properties.

Quality Assurance

One-step inside a Pearl home gives you a lasting impression of quality.

Each project we build goes through a series of quality surveillance by our project managers and subcontractors until it is finally given an approval stamp.

Sustainable Construction

We strive to drive sustainability in the Indian housing sector.

We undertake meticulous planning and execution to construct green buildings. Our team is making conscious efforts to protect natural resources and to ensure the entire lifecycle of a building – from planning, site/location selection and design, to construction, occupancy and end of life phase is sustainable. We build energy efficient buildings, take environmentally sound siting decisions, select environment- friendly materials, make optimum water use and waste management contributing to better indoor and outdoor air quality through improved ventilation and reduced pollution, leading to health and economic benefits.

“Sustainability is an essential part of our DNA at “Pearl Group” and we will continue our efforts to set new benchmarks in delivering environment friendly projects across the state.”

-Vijay Jain (Founder of Pearl Group)

100% occupancy

Our customers don’t wait after buying Pearl properties.

Most of our projects are fully occupied and we have the least vacancy rate in the market. High occupancy rate is one of the things that gives us an edge over our competitors in this ultra competitive real estate world. High quality construction, dedicated customer support, timely completion of projects, affordable prices are the few factors that attract customers to Pearl Group.

Precise Architectural Planning

We design for the present with an awareness of the past and forecasting future.

We understand that accurate construction drawings are prerequisite for successful construction of projects.With engineers, planners, surveyors, and landscape architects all under one roof, we craft functional and aesthetically pleasing designs adhering to planning Laws of the country. We focus on building zero deviation buildings by using the modern construction technologies and techniques resulting in increased building efficiency and reduced operating carbon emissions.

Management/ Maintenance of our projects

Our properties are always in fabulous condition.

We put a great deal of foresight into creating an effective maintenance management plan for our projects. We are always ready to provide technical assistance to our clients. Our services are not restricted to just sale /purchase of property. We do provide on-demand home interior consultancy and services to make your home more beautiful. Our projects are well-maintained and we offer different maintenance plans as per the property needs. We take pride in our proactive, receptive, hands-on management style and our proven record of ability and achievement.